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Notable Hip-hop producer Alex Lustig drops ambient electronic single ‘The Morning’ [listen]

23 year-old Belgian producer Alex Lustig Recently dropped a new single “The Morning.” a track capturing summertime sadness so real that it will have you calling your seasonal fling by the end of it.

Lustig departs from his usual grimey hip-hop sound, seen in his collaborations with Young Thug and Machine Gun Kelly.

Lustig provides a refreshingly ambient sound through variating drum beats accompanied by an otherworldly synth patch. Over the beat comes pop vocalist Anjulie’s ethereal voice. Anjulie enhances the song’s brooding nature by wistfully singing “I need one more night / I don’t want to say goodbye.”

The soothing beats and vocals work together to create a dream-like aural sensation, that showcases the producer’s ability to successfully deviate from the hip-hop mold he is known for, a skill that is only acquired through great musical sensibility.

Listen to “The Morning” below:

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