Hellove & Zack Gray Brings Awareness to Mental Health with 'Off the Edge' Music Video [Watch]

Hellove & Zack Gray Brings Awareness to Mental Health with ‘Off the Edge’ Music Video [Watch]


Hellove & Zack Gray’s collaboration receives a follow up to the track in the form of a music video, out everywhere today. Matching the message of the song and the slow, melancholic vocals from Zack Gray, “Off the Edge” and its music video features Gray himself in a dimly lit tunnelway. He sees flashbacks of friends and family, and someone at the other end of the tunnel also struggling – similar to himself. Just as he is about to fall “off the edge,” he is saved.

In a joint effort to do good and bring awareness with “Off the Edge,” the release accompanies a mental health campaign of the same name and a project that is personal for both Gray and Hellove. The 4-part episode series, supported by the American Association of Suicidology, can be viewed at the website linked here (offtheedge.world).

“Zack Gray and Hellove share their personal stories of battling depression and mental health conditions. From the beginning of their struggles to finding the courage to seek help and come out stronger than ever before, they discuss their realisation of how depression can be overcome and how our mental health can be strengthened.”

Hellove from Estonia is known for his earlier collaborative tracks including “Lie” featuring Trove and “I Got You” from Gloria Kim.

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