Up & Coming New Orleans Artist heartbreakP Finds His Place With 'Underlying Intentions'
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Up & Coming New Orleans Artist heartbreakP Finds His Place With ‘Underlying Intentions’

New Orleans based hip-hop artist heartbreakP delivered a fresh take on hip-hop with his debut album Underlying Intentions.

The album tells the story of love, loss, and overcoming addiction, while finding your own way in the world. 

With production from New Orleans’ own Lukrative, Krayda Beatz, Max Taylor, Og Abi, and Virgin Island, the album flows between trap, old school beats, lofi, and new wave hip hop.

Underlying Intentions begins with smooth female vocals over a Lukrative lofi hip hop beat appropriately called “Intro (feat. Praise).” As heartbreakp begins to rap, the song transitions into a darker tone; one that tells the story of the albums inspiration. 

With a mix between old school hip hop and modern trap, “Space” was another standout single. Featuring some cutting and energetic vocals over hard hitting production from Krayda Beatz.

“Lonely,” the last song on the album, seemed to wrap up the project in the best way possible. With a catchy hook and beautiful production, the song brings a new energy to the album. 

Stream the full album below


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