Harry Nathan Explores Lo-Fi House Beats in 'Sweet Release' [River Beats Premiere]

Harry Nathan, Australian producer and singer/songwriter, returns once more with deliberate lo-fi house elements in “Sweet Release.” This single also comes with news of his forthcoming sophomore EP, a lo-fi house project interspersed with psychedelic influences. Starting off with slow beats and Nathan’s own crooning vocals, “Sweet Release” continues to build as the house grooves take over to “release” us.

Connecting Nathan’s own soulful lyricism and his interests in house music, the listener is exposed to a different side from the producer. “I loved house music growing up and have always been a fan of soul and disco,” he explains. At the age of 14, he taught himself how to practice mixing without actually having DJ gear.

When he got his gig as a wedding DJ, he “was stoked to use better gear and chance the pitch.” He remembers fondly: “When the bride and groom left, our friends would come and drink the leftover wedding booze whilst we went back to back mixing house classics.”

Listen to other Harry Nathan tunes below:

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