Half an Orange Unveil Noteworthy 4-Track EP 'Mostly We Grow Pt. 2' [Premiere]

Half an Orange Unveil Noteworthy 4-Track EP 'Mostly We Grow Pt. 2' [Premiere]

The Ohio-based electronic duo Half An Orange unveiled their distinctly unique 4-track EP Mostly We Grow pt. 2 today via Monstercat. After backpacking through Brazil for a year, the two decided to turn their adventures and poems into music and thus, Mostly We Grow Pt. 2 was born. They worked to turn organic and acoustic sounds into a full electronic spectrum for all to enjoy.

Listen to mostly we grow pt. 2 below:

The EP contains 4 very unique tracks with electronic flairs. Kicking off the EP is “Blink 182” followed by the guitar-laced “Sunscreen.”

“Mark Twain” is our favorite from the release, not only because of its bewitching vocal elements, but because of the inspiration behind it. Michael from the duo explained that he wrote this song the afternoon he found out his dad had cancer, in which his dad said he felt like he was “already dead.” He found a bunch of “dark and creepy songs and began writing a song about how that would feel.”

“When Andrew and I were in the studio I was singing it in my “normal” voice. He pushed back and said it felt weird having a song about being dead but sounding like I was alive. We experimented with ways for me to sing in a style that let the listener know I wasn’t my normal self. The high creepy vocals were developed that day in studio and are actually me singing without auto-tune. 

The song’s title, Mark Twain, comes from the author. In his book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, his characters watch and attend their own funeral, seeing what it would be like to be dead.” – Michael from Half An Orange

Their duo name, Half An Orange, came from a Portuguese expression that they learned while living on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The expression, “metade da laranja” (translated to “half an orange”), means that everyone is half an orange looking for their other half that completes them. Aka: the other half of their orange. The two liked this name and metaphor because “they always felt a little lost or out of place in the world.” Something that many can relate to in this day and age.

“Both parts of Mostly We Grow are about trying to grow as a person each day regardless of what life throws at you. The lowest and highest points of your life mean nothing if you don’t try to learn and grow from them.”

Listen to Mostly We Grow Pt. 1 below:

Featured image via artist. 

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