Boulder's Gusted Releases Funky Take on Classic Single 'You Spin Me Round' [Listen]

Boulder’s Gusted Releases Funky Take on Classic Single ‘You Spin Me Round’ [Listen]

Boulder’s own, Gusted, is dropping a fresh remix of Dead or Alive’s smash hit “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” on December 8. This hard groove techno-infused take on the 80s classic was officially authorized by the estate of Dead or Alive. A pretty boss move to pull off for a remix. 

Gusted’s spin on the iconic track brings in pulsating synths, a funky bassline, and energetic kicks. The remix is all about injecting new life into the legendary tune.

Gusted chatted about his creative process behind this one, saying,

“I was stuck in a creative rut, and my buddy Justin Jay told me to stop overthinking it. That advice helped me break through the writer’s block, and I ended up creating a track that I’m excited to perform live.”

The choice of remixing Dead or Alive is personal for Gusted, going back to his earliest musical influences. “The original Dead or Alive song was on my first little iPod. I remember listening to it on repeat because I only had a handful of songs downloaded,” he recalled.

“I made the remix without overthinking it, just sent it around, and to my surprise, people loved it. It just goes to show that my best tracks come out when I’m in a carefree, exploratory state of mind, not stressing about the final outcome.”

Originally from Chicago, 21-year-old Danny Dickmann is the talent behind Gusted. Inspired by artists like Patrick Topping, Justin Jay, Narciss, Marlon Hoffstadt, and Salvatore Ganacci, Gusted’s music vibe goes beyond his years. His debut single, “Jet Plane,” released in late 2022, quickly hit 25+ million streams. Recently, Gusted even shared the stage with deadmau5’s Testpilot alias for a sold-out show at The Brooklyn Mirage.

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