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Have You Heard Gromo’s Latest Single ‘Nuke’? [Listen]

Get ready to dive into your new favorite trap/hip-hop producer! Gromo continues to prove he is a force to be reckoned with in his latest release “Nuke” featuring HUSH. “Nuke” is the ultimate trap hip-hop/EDM crossover that we have had on repeat on all of our “Get Hype” playlists.

Following the release of his stylistic single “Find Me (Marco Polo)” featuring HUSH from earlier this year, the two combine their talents once move for the bumpin’ “NUKE.” According to Gromo, it was important for the song to “take the listener somewhere.” When creating music, he strives to take the listener on a journey into his world.

Give “Nuke” a listen below:

“With “Nuke”, I want to take you into the world of mind and imagination of Gromo. When I first created the song, the idea was to cross pollinate the energy of EDM with the rawness and gritt of Hip-Hop.”

Featured image via artist. 


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