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‘Griztronics’ Makes Its Way Into Popular Online Game

GRIZ AND SUBTRONICS‘ FAMOUS COLLAB ‘GRIZTRONICS’ HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN ADDED TO FORTNITE’S PLAYLIST. This iconic collab has hit many milestones from top 10 on Billboard to #1 on TikTok, and now, it’s in Fortnite. 

Subtronics tweeted out a teaser saying that he had just agreed to have one of his songs on tv and in a mainstream video game, pictured below.

He said he was unable to share further details on which song or video game yet. However, fans were quick to respond, most with positive words, but one fan in particular had other thoughts. Subtronics was quick to respond with his thoughts on being called “mainstream.”

Earlier today, GRiZ confirmed which track it is and which game is the host for the song.

In GRiZ fashion, he got wholesome and deep in his replies saying he was amazed that he is now in a video game, when he was vibing to gaming soundtracks at age 12.

If you play Fortnite, get ready for some wubs to pop into the game one of these days. You can listen to this banger down below in the meantime.

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