GRiZMATIK Drops Killer New Track: "As We Proceed" - River Beats Dance

GRiZMATIK Drops Killer New Track: “As We Proceed”

GRiZMATIK, comprised of sax-killer Griz and funky Gramatik, is a groovy match made in heaven. It has been quite some time since our ears have been blessed with something new by the two (three years to be exact), but our prayers have been answered as the two dropped their latest track, “As We Proceed”. Their individual sounds are highlighted and effortlessly compliment each other. “As We Proceed” is available to download for free, and you can give it a listen below. This track was undoubtedly worth the three year wait for the two to create something new.

2017 will hopefully be a huge year for the duo (individually and as a duo/possible trio with Big Gigantic). The boys will be kicking off festival season together at Buku Music & Art Project on March 10 and 11 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Being able to see the two perform live together will definitely be a highlight to remember. To get prepared for the event, give the only other GRiZMATIK songs in existence a listen. Who knows what kind of surprises the two may drop for Buku?!



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