GRiZ & Friends Announce Virtual Camp Kulabunga
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GRiZ & Friends Announce Virtual Camp Kulabunga

THE WEEKEND LONG RETREAT CURATED BY GRIZ AND FRIENDS IS GOING VIRTUAL. Camp Kulabunga is an event that was started by GRiZ and Friends 2 years ago, giving the community an opportunity to connect on a deeper level. Usually, the event is technology-free and sober to try and promote a more intimate experience.

The retreat focuses on radical inclusion, community, self-empowerment and wellness. Due to COVID concerns, Kulabunga will not be happening in-person this summer; instead, it will take place over Zoom.

GRiZ posted an announcement to Twitter today sharing that there will be 2 yoga classes each day, as well as many other mindfulness workshops.

This year, the event features 10 different workshops. One of these workshops will be led by Torri Washington, a spiritual lifestyle educator. In addition, well-known author and teacher of Buddhist mediation practices, Sharon Salzberg, will also lead a workshop. GRiZ himself will be leading a creative writing workshop.

While it is unfortunate that we can’t meet at Camp Kulabunga, the mindfulness and connection Kulabunga fosters is certainly important right now. The event will take place all day on August 29th and 30th. Tickets are on sale now, be sure to check it out!

Check out these photos from Camp last year:

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