GRiZ Bares His Soul to the World and We Couldn't Love Him More
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GRiZ Bares His Soul to the World and We Couldn’t Love Him More

After reading Grant Kwiecinski’s (GRiZ) open letter to the world on Huffington Post, all I could think to myself is.. wow. Just wow. How does someone have that much courage to not only get up on stage every night and play to thousands upon thousands of fans but to openly share your deepest struggle upon finding your sexuality? It is so unabashedly powerful and fans are pouring from their hearts the amount of love they have for GRiZ. 

This letter resonates to those both gay and straight, anyone who has held back from who they truly are from fear of society can feel this pain deeply. And his letter is a triumphant act of courage, proving that truly “Love Will Prevail”.

Grant, if you ever come across this. We are so proud of you and your strength to truly show the world your soul. Your courage is an inspiration to us all. #ShowLoveSpreadLove 

Photo: Guillermo Briceno

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