GRiZ Reveals That He 'Might Be' Done with Seven Days A Week of Touring
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GRiZ Reveals That He 'Might Be' Done with Seven Days A Week of Touring

Sad news for GRiZ fans, but maybe this news is for the best? GRiZ, aka Grant Kwiecinski, confided in an interview with This Song is Sick that he may be done with large-scale shows every day of the week in the future. His current tour, Ride Waves pt. 2, sees him in another 15 cities almost back to back through the month of October. That much traveling with very little breaks is grueling no matter who you are.

In addition to this bus tour news, he also confirmed that he would not be returning to Red Rocks Ampitheatre next year.

“This tour might be the last like touring tour…Like buses, and seven shows in a fuckin’ week like this is probably gonna be it. Ride Waves season 2 will be hopefully the last Griz tour tour where its like multiple shows a week in every single city between the east coast and the west coast. There’s other things I want to do with my life…I need to create space for that, so this isn’t a farewell to playing shows – this is a farewell to a touring format.”

And in case you missed it, GRiZ also hopped on R/Electronicmusic and hosted an AMA with our friends there. Check out some of the highlights below.
On the end of the GRiZ Live Band:

On his various sets and their differences:

how Griztronics happened

the background behind Camp Kulabunga

Featured image by Logan Bykofsky. 

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