GriZ Releases Crushing 'Bangers[4].zip,' With More On The Way [Listen]

Grant Kwiecinski is just having fun now. Today, the fourth installment in GRiZ‘s smash hit “Bangers” EP series is here, in a perfectly timed victory lap following the end of the Ride Waves Season Two tour.

The tour teased an impressive amount of new GRiZ music. People raved for the futuristic, funky reimagining of the “Cha Cha Slide.” Others lost their marbles for a startling new dubstep song, accompanied onstage by a full brass band and drumline.

Both those tour surprises have made their way onto the newest three song barn-burner, and their studio versions have made for our new favorite EP in the series.

The “Cha Cha Slide” flip is called “Gonna Get Funky.” Fully rounded out, it settles into a groove between 70’s disco brightness and the driving rhythms of tech house. Griz’s vocoder vocals over guitar plucks sounds like the happiest moments from Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories.” He blends that with the 4/4 house wallop and the “take it back now y’all!” samples from everyone’s favorite wedding dance. It’s simply too catchy.

Let’s Get Weird” takes the throttle and punches it through the dashboard. For a track under two minutes, it should quell anyone that complains GriZ tracks aren’t as glitchy as they used to be. The song’s white-hot, bristling synth leads sound like they’re straight out of the “Mad Liberation” era fans clamor for. It’s entertainingly tough to keep up with it as it’s electronic patchwork and chilling choral chants crackle and pop toward the finish line.

“Tiger Kingdom Space Camp,” the aforementioned drumline banger, is flat-out ridiculous. It’s no question why it closed out so many tour stops on Season Two. The horn sample is from Cat Empire’sReady Now,” a song GriZ happened to hear walking around a festival in Madrid. The big band salvo of trumpets and snares leading into the track is just thrilling.

If this brassy build-up is the funkier “yin” side of GRiZ’s music, then the drop is pure, futuristic “yang.”

The track explodes into knee-buckling death plunges of steely, melodic glitch. It’s one of the heaviest, most satisfying GRiZ tracks we’ve heard in some time because it works off that dynamic interplay so well. The song gives you only a few seconds to breathe before the marching snares crack in time to gear up for yet another slingshot through space.

Only a few weeks between releases, these EP’s just seem to improve. Thankfully, it’s been all but confirmed by those close to the man that four more “Bangers EP’s” are coming our way in 2020.

Listen to the full EP below:

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