Hop on a 'Spaceship Ride' with GRiZ in Latest 'Bangers' EP [Listen]

In case you didn’t know, GRiZ is a man for the people. During the ~8 weeks of quarantine, GRiZ has consistently been engaging with fans, leading livestreams and meditations, and this is just the cherry on top: the fifth installment to the beloved Bangers EP series. After release FOUR hard-hitting EPs, GRiZ revitalizes the series with Bangers [5] and three new tunes, featuring GRiZ live band members ProbCause and Chrishira Perrier.

His eclectic production style shines through his latest EP, kicking off with heavy dubstep in “The Baddest” to part 3 of “My Friends And I.” Concluding the fifth Bangers EP is the wobbly “Spaceship Ride,” a fitting title name for the track itself.

Which Bangers release from has been your favorite? Is there more to come?

Featured photo by LazyEye Photography.

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