River Beats Premiere: Grensta Remixes Beloved Treasure Fingers 'Bodyrocking' [Listen]

River Beats Premiere: Grensta Remixes Beloved Treasure Fingers 'Bodyrocking' [Listen]

Get ya groove on with Grensta’s take on Treasure Fingers “Bodyrocking.” This booty-shakin’ tune is courtesy of Atlanta-based house label Psycho Disco!, a label that quickly became a favorite for us at River Beats.

This remix is one of three remixes for Treasure Finger’s remix EP. The 3-track project includes takes from KC Lights and a “brocapella” remix: acapella version with minimal beats. Grensta‘s remix ups the ante on the already house-flavored song, while capitalizing on the vocal-usage: “I rock the party, that rocks your body.” He gives the drop his own spin, incorporating a more bass-house feel.

Stream Grensta’s remix of “bodyrocking” below:

“I felt honored to remix Treasure Finger’s track because I look up to him and Psycho Disco is home to me. I decided to stick to my Moog and crunch out this remix. The goal for my newest music is to stray away from what everybody else is doing and I look forward to sharing that soon also on Psycho Disco.”

Stream the entire project below:

Featured image via Molli Voraotsady.

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