GHOST DATA Unveils Virtual YouTuber Theme Song 'Queen Of Knives'
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GHOST DATA Unveils Virtual YouTuber Theme Song ‘Queen Of Knives’ [Listen]

Following the Cyberpunk-inspired “DDOS” last December, visionary songwriter, producer & visual artist GHOST DATA is back with his new single “Queen Of Knives” which serves as the new theme song for popular VTuber Susu’s new character Draculita.

Influenced by the unique compositions of video game composers like Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy ) and Akihiko Narita (Resident Evil), as well as electronic acts like Purity Ring, Porter Robinson, and Seven Lions, GHOST DATA is known for his unique “Dreamsynth” sound which merges cinematic sound fonts with melodic, atmospheric, and emotional dance music, and has seen support from Blanke, Slushii, and many other prominent electronic music DJ/producers.

Woven delicately within GHOST DATA’s sound design is the cinematic universe of The Shepherdess and the Void Walker characters which lead the way through his journey of self-discovery. This universe and its story and characters are filled with lore depicted and hidden throughout his music and artwork which fans have come to adore.

True to his dedication to gaming and anime, GHOST DATA’s new single “Queen Of Knives” is inspired by and serves as the theme song to Virtual YouTuber and Twitch streamer Susu‘s new anime character Draculita. Learn more about it in his quote below and listen to the new single above!

“I was inspired by my friend Susu and her affinity for knife collecting and Tarantula care taking. When she revealed to me she had a character she designed, named Draculita, that was a celebration of those things, I was inspired and fascinated by this unique character in both design and concept. A creepy, horror themed cutie with a love for knives and spiders? It felt only natural to want to create a theme for such a unique and fun character!” – GHOST DATA

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