Getter Reinvents Himself, Drops Stunning 12 Track Album 'VISCERAL' on mau5trap [Listen]
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Getter Reinvents Himself, Drops Stunning 12 Track Album ‘VISCERAL’ on mau5trap [Listen]

Reinventing yourself as a musician can go two ways: Your fans could absolutely hate the decision and yearn for the old you, or you could change the game by dropping something no one ever expected from you. 

For Getter, the second choice seems to be the case. The producer grew to fame over the past few years from viral videos, hard dubstep, and his hard-nose attitude with fans and other producers. But after a surprise announcement stating his new album would be released via Deadmau5‘s label mau5trap, it became evident Getter had something unique up his sleeve. Something that fans definitely didn’t expect. 

Getter hasn’t exactly been the type of producer to release via mau5trap, so VISCERAL is without a doubt a different direction for Getter. 

Why do we like it? 

The 12-track work shows off a new direction, sound, and intention from the producer. A new sound that came from the intense experiences of heartbreak, rejection, and unhealthy relationships. Getter stated this entire conceptual album took over three years in the making. The collaborations on the album are heavily outside the comfort zone for Getter. Working with artists like Audio Opera, Nothing, Midoca, Joji, and more. 

The entire album is a breath of fresh air. It’s great to see artists take a risk, and that’s exactly what VISCERAL is.

Stream the entire album below!


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