Get Lucky in SLC Announces Griz and Gryffin as Headliners for 2023

Get Lucky in Salt Lake City Announces Griz and Gryffin as Headliners for 2023

Get Lucky Festival is being held on March 10th & 11th, 2023. You can grab Tickets HERE!

V2 Presents is excited to announce the return and headliners of Get Lucky 2023, Utah’s legendary Spring Festival presented by V2 Presents. This year, Griz & Gryffin will headline the festival for the first time ever. 

Get Lucky is a music festival that showcases a variety of electronic dance music (EDM) genres, including house, techno, bass, and more. With past lineups of world-renowned artists, Get Lucky promises to be a memorable event for fans of all styles of electronic music.


V2 Presents is the leading dance music promoter in Utah and the core of Salt Lake City’s thriving dance music scene. For over a decade, V2 has been producing the largest dance music events in the state, showcasing the most prestigious DJs in the world in an environment dedicated to quality. 

Get Lucky tickets are on sale now at Don’t miss out on this epic Spring Festival on March 10th & 11th – get your tickets now!

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