Get Lost in Laxcity’s Dreamy 6 Track EP “Disconnect”

While it’s been over a year since Laxcity released a collection of music, but the wait has been worth it. Last week the UK based producer delivered 6 tracks of bliss for the world to enjoy. His new “Disconnect” EP sees the musician whip and weave through a variety of genres seamlessly, while plucking at your heartstrings. The soundscapes he delivers throughout the journey are second to none.

Laxcity made this EP last year after taking some time off from creating music. He realized that he was being overcritical of himself and not enjoying the thing he loved the most. He was able to take a step back and rediscover his passion for music. What resulted is the EP you see in front of you today. Check out Laxcity – “Disconnect” below and listen on your favorite platform here.

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