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Surprise! New EP From Gesaffelstein Has Us Shocked [Listen]

Gesaffelstein: the man, the myth, the legend. Known for his industrial-techno laced beats, Gesaffelstein returns with a new 6-track EP titled NOVO SONIC SYSTEM. Fans had no previous knowledge of the release due to his elusiveness and separation from social media and boy, are we glad this surprise happened.

Give NOVO SONIC SYSTEM a listen below:

The EP begins with “Orck” as we’re introduced to 80’s synthesized instrumentals. The song speeds up as punk-fused “hey! hey! hey!” rings through the background. The EP continues back to his sinister sounding trademark, taking the listener aboard a journey into the heart of darkness. All 6 tracks are heavily tech-influenced and we are totally about it.

What do you think about the new EP?

Featured image via Coachella.

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