Gesaffelstein Releases Star-Studded Sophomore Studio Album 'Hyperion' [Listen]
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Gesaffelstein Releases Star-Studded Sophomore Studio Album 'Hyperion' [Listen]

After weeks of teasing us with video snippets, singles, and album posters, Gesaffelstein has finally released his second studio album Hyperion. 

The LP features 10 tracks, including singles with The Weeknd, Pharrell, HAIM, and Electric Youth. Hyperion comes almost six years after his debut album, Aleph, hit shelves in late 2013. The album features dark techno-style production mixed in with high-end vocals, and Daft Punk-type synths.

Hyperion is Gesaffelstein’s first full-length release since signing to Columbia Records back in November.

Listen to the full album below.

Featured image via artist.

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