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Gesaffelstein Takes Coachella Attendees & Live-Streamers On Much-Awaited Journey

After four years of absolutely no shows, Gesaffelstein confirmed that the legend is indeed back. His get-up included a sparkly silver suit, reminiscent of his most recent press photos and images with The Weeknd. He quite literally looked like he was a character from the movie The Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer. Regardless, Gesa brought the grooves and the tunes. While watching live, it was hard to tell that it’s been four years since he’s played a show.

His Coachella performance follows the release of his melodramatic album Hyperion, which received mixed reviews across the board. After the performance, The Festive Owl allegedly confirmed that he will “indeed tour his new show” with an announcement to follow next week. Is this true? Only time will tell…

The entire set from coachella isn’t available to stream yet. until then, catch some of the clips captured below.

To conclude, he ended the set with an edit of his hit “Hellifornia.” It was lit.

Featured image via Mixmag

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