Germany Germany Shares A Glimpse into Upcoming Album With 'Dawn' [Listen]

In a purely instrumental space is Germany Germany and his second single release ahead of his full album, “Dawn.” Released earlier last week, Germany Germany continues to step out of any boundaries “he imposed upon himself” as the his full-length project looms on the horizon. “Dawn” continues his dive into becoming “someone new” as he pushes these thoughts out of his head.

The Vancouver-based electronic artist/producer’s album will be out next month. Stay tuned for more.

Listen to “Dawn” below:

“‘Dawn’ is about trying to escape being trapped in your own head, to be present amidst upheaval and turmoil. The sole lyric in the track is ‘I’ll be where you are,’ which to me is expressing a desire to work through anxiety enough to be close with someone.”

Featured image via artist. 

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