GAWP releases playful new track 'Coolade' on Dirtybird Records
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GAWP releases playful new track ‘Coolade’ on Dirtybird Records

Up and coming tech-house artist and UK native GAWP, who recently graced labels such as This Ain’t Bristol and Night Bass, just released another gem on Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird Records

The track was released on March 12 exclusively on Birdfeed, Dirtybird Records’ paid subscription service, just in time for GAWP’s North American debut.

Filled with bizarre sounds blanketed over a simple backbeat, the track is randomly but appropriately named ‘Coolade.’ Gawp even coined the song “simple but weird” in a recent interview with River Beats.

The name ‘Coolade,’ he explained, is a reference to a scene from one of his favorite 90s films, ‘House Party.’

“Growing up I was a huge fan of American 90s rap films and one of my favorites was ‘House Party’ with Kid and Play. In the film the dad shouts to the son, ‘Hey! Peanuts, fix me up some of that Dick Gregory,” a joke that mentioned Dick Gregory’s Bahamian Diet and grape or red Kool Aid.

Watch the scene below:

‘Coolade’ was also created as a 17 part video tutorial for that will be available March 30. Those interested can sign up for a membership and watch how he made the track in a step by step tutorial on Logic with all the stems to interact with. There is a fee of $13.93 a month for unlimited access.

Listen to the track below and let us know what you think:


With an impressive portfolio, and an appearance at Dirtybird East Coast in February, GAWP is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

GAWP is currently touring North America for the first time as part of his ‘Mind the Gawp’ tour. For more information, visit or his Facebook page.

Remaining Tour Dates:

March 18 – Jackson, FL @ Myth Nightclub
March 22 – Miami, FL @ Treehouse
March 23 – Seattle, WA @ Monkey Loft
March 31 – Las Vegas, NV @ Ninja Karaoke


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