Gary Richards Formally Announces New Festival Cruise 'Friendship' Dates and Location
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Gary Richards Formally Announces New Festival Cruise ‘Friendship’ Dates and Location

Gary Richards, AKA Destructo took to the interwebs today to formally announce the dates and locations for his brand new festival cruise ‘Friendship.’ 

If you have been following the drama with Richards, you know late last year the HOLY SHIP! founder was removed from his role at HARD, after the company did not renew his contract.  

This caused massive waves in the “Shipfam” community, but not all was lost, as most news outlets reported the start of Richard’s brand new festival cruise ‘Friendship.’ 

And today, the diehard Destructo fans can rest a tad easier as the festival as formerly announced It’s location and dates for 2018.

AMFAMFAMF presents FRIENDSHIP will be hosted aboard the Celebrity Equinox from Tuesday, December 11 – Saturday, December 15. The festival will be curated by Destructo himself. The cruise will set sail from Miami to two PRIVATE island beach parties in Coco Cay, Bahamas.

Check out the information from Richard’s page below!

Check out the Celebrity Equinox

You can try to get access by visiting the their website here. But we will warn you, space is limited. These spots will be coveted heavily by former Holy Shippers. Good luck.  

Featured Photo: Oh Dag Yo 



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