River Beats Staff Serving Up "Freshly Picked Beats" - River Beats Dance
Freshly Picked Beats Unseasoned Sound

River Beats Staff Serving Up “Freshly Picked Beats”

If you need help digging through the depths of SoundCloud to find some hidden gems; don’t worry, we’ve got your back with our staff’s “Freshly Picked Beats.” Our staff at River Beats is coming together and sharing fresh new tracks from fresh new artists to pass along to our community. With this campaign we’re showcasing tracks from artists that have less than 20K followers on SoundCloud. With the vast amount of talent that remains hidden it would be a shame for it to go unheard, so we’re bringing you a playlist each Wednesday with 15 tracks that our staff is currently jamming out to from low key artists.

For the debut we’re featuring Statik, Cōfresi, Blunt Force, Daily Bread + more in the playlist below!

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