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12 New Releases You Need This Week [Playlist]

Festival season is right around the corner and we’re bringing you the songs you’re about to hear all summer.

This week features huge EPs from some of our favorite artists, and incredible tracks from new artists we hadn’t even heard of before this week. Get ready for your new favorite songs of the summer.

Check out our favorite new tracks from the past week, and stream the entire playlist below.

Manila Killa –1993 EP

After years of crafting incredible music, both solo and with Hotel Garuda, Manila Killa has finally released his debut EP and it doesn’t disappoint. 1993 is a true representation of Manila Killa as an artist. It’s emotional, addictive, and inspirational all at the same time. Each track features vocals from a different artist, and each track represents a different step in his journey.

“1993 represents every influence I’ve experienced in my life and how I’ve applied it to the expression of music. It’s my first complete body of work and represents what I truly hear in the power of music and emotion. I hope this is something people will be able to listen to for years to come.” – Manila Killa

Cherry Beach – Easy (ft Elle Winter)

Cherry Beach burst onto the scene with their debut track “Gravity” last year. Now, they’re back with a phenomenal futuristic chill trap collaboration with Elle Winter. It’s an infectious dance track that you’ll be hearing a lot of this summer.

Vincent – For You EP

This long-awaited EP from Vincent is an emotional masterpiece best explained by the man himself. Read, listen, and love it.

“The goal for this EP was to create something deeper than a simple collection of songs – an
intimate record with meaning and depth, told through melody and lyrics cohesively. The majority of the vocalists & I wrote our feelings into stories together in my apartment. We shared similar experiences that weighed on our hearts so it was easy to write from occurrences we’ve both lived through rather than create situations we’ve never experienced.

I believe these moments are the backbone of this record – situations shared between people with one side hiding their emotions. The music tells the side of the story of those who might be too timid to vocalize their emotions to another person. My hope is that anyone listening to the record may connect to any of the emotions shared throughout. Maybe someone will resonate with the stories or feel like they’re living in a parallel situation, and use this as a method to tell the other person how they feel.” – Vincent

Duke & Jones – Delusions (ft FJØRA)

Duke & Jones made a name for themselves with official remixes of Zedd, Jauz, and Zeds Dead, but with “Delusions,” they’re showing that they can create powerful originals as well.

Manatee Commune – Famous (ft Cassandra Violet)

Manatee Commune is one of my favorite new artists, and his latest single from his upcoming EP PDA shows why. The collaboration with Cassandra Violet delivers sparkling vocals that elegantly detail the trappings of fame, over Manatee Commune’s beautiful, timeless production.

KERLI – Shadow Works LP

You might recognize KERLI from some of our favorite songs by Illenium, Seven Lions, SNBRN, and more, but she’s also an incredible solo artist. Shadow Works is her second studio album, and one of the most chillingly beautiful electronic-pop albums we’ve heard this year.

“Shadow works is an exploration of my own shadow. It’s a collection of music designed to connect the listener to their own disowned parts and to honor their hidden self. I explore the feelings of victimhood, codependence, lust, guilt and defeat. There are also frequencies that symbolize the eventual triumph over darkness. The vocal scapes that start, part and end the collection are designed to bring the listener into a meditative state so that Shadow Work can be performed.” – Kerli

Nora En Pure – We Found Love Remix EP

“We Found Love”, Nora En Pure‘s first single of 2019, was a certified hit. Now, she’s blessing us with the remix package. The first is a club mix she made herself alongside Passenger 10, while the second remix comes courtesy of collaborator Ashibah, who transforms the track into a tribal-funk driven banger while keeping her own vocals intact.

Dabin – Rings & Roses

Dabin is well on his way to solidifying 2019 as his most accomplished year to date. After releasing the lead single, ‘Alive’ from his forthcoming sophomore LP, ‘Wild Youth,’ Dabin now returns with another fantastic single, ‘Rings & Roses.’ Dabin spoke to us about ‘Rings & Roses’ and his forthcoming album below.

‘Rings and Roses is definitely one of my favorites on the album. After I heard the vocal hook Conor Byrne sent me, I wrote an entire song around it in a few days. I love how a good vocal part can just ignite the creative flame and I think the best songs are the ones that just come together organically.’ 

Michael Brun – How About This (ft UNIIQU3)

“How About This” is a unique, infectious collaboration from Haitian producer Michael Brun and New Jersey artist UNIIQU3. UNIIQU3’s distinct lyrical flow shines bright against the melody, creating a bubbling house tune that’s wholly original

Bakermat – Trouble (ft Albert Gold)

Bakermat is known for his uplifting, energetic dance songs, but on “Trouble” he shows off a soulful, emotional side.

“With this project I went back to my roots, combining jazz elements with soul and dance. I think the main thing that makes this track special is its bittersweet feeling. It’s sad, but also comforting and uplifting. My music is mostly happy, but I made this track in a period of my life where everything was less perfect and I felt that trouble was literally following me, without leaving me alone. This song is about standing up against this feeling.” – Bakermat

Ronny Rex – Mona Lisa (ft New Ro)

“Mona Lisa” is a fun, carefree house track built purely for the dancefloor. While Ronny Rex is a new name in the scene, he’s bringing house music back to its basics, and we’re loving it.

These are just a few of the songs in the newest update to Freshly Picked Beats. Be sure to check out the Spotify playlist in its entirety below.

Featured Image: KERLI

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