Freshly Picked Beats For Your Life [River Beats Playlist]
Freshly Picked Beats Unseasoned Sound

Freshly Picked Beats For Your Life [River Beats Playlist]

Summer is in full swing, and while most of our favorite artists are hitting the festival circuit hard, they’re still dropping new music on the regular. We’ve updated Freshly Picked Beats with a huge selection of some of the best tracks released in June and July. While the entire playlist is fire, these are some of our favorite from the last couple weeks. Peep them below, and follow the playlist on Spotify to stay in the loop on our expertly curated taste in the freshest music.

Sober Rob – Moving On

Sober Rob is still floating just under the radar, but his incredible music is starting to get some well-deserved attention, and his latest release is one of his best. With powerful vocals, and a heavy synth-driven bass drop, “Moving On” is in the same ballpark as Flume, but in a darker corner that only Sober Rob occupies.

Vince Staples – Yeah Right

Vince Staples’ new album is full of amazing tracks, but his Kendrick-assisted and Flume produced “Yeah Right” is one of the best hip-hop tracks we’ve heard this year.

Kasbo – Lay It On Me

Kasbo has an incredible ability to craft songs that hit you right in the feels while you continue to dance, and this song is no different.

HAIM – Nothing’s Wrong

HAIM just dropped one of the best albums of the year, and while picking a standout track was near impossible, “Nothing’s Wrong” is probably the best representation of the girls’ incredible ability to craft music that sounds like nothing else that exists in pop/indie/however you want to categorize them.

Falcons – Want Your Body

A little funk, a little trap, and pure fun, this track is going to be in everyone’s summer dance playlists.

REZZ – Relax

While REZZ rarely uses vocals in her songs, the hypnotic sample used in “Relax” is just as dark as her drops, and adds an element to her music that we all needed, but never realized.

Autograf – You Might Be (Gianni Kosta Remix)

Gianni Kosta puts a tropical-house spin on this amazing song, and creates a version of the track that fits Autograf’s vibe perfectly, while still being totally different from the original.

Just a Gent – You’ll Never Know

Yet another vocal-driven electronic track with a unique drop, but I promise this is one of the best ones.

Seven Lions – Where I Won’t Be Found

One of the pioneers of melodic bass music delivers yet again.

Josh Pan – Give It To Ya

This track hits hard from start to finish. It’s a little hip-hop, a little R&B, and a lot of bass.

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