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Freshly Picked Beats is Back!

After a brief hiatus, Freshly Picked Beats is making a triumphant return, with a new format and a new home! We’re still bringing you the best and the newest in the music world, but now we’re doing it on Spotify. Freshly Picked Beats is now a regularly updated Spotify playlist, allowing you to enjoy our freshest picks without saving a new playlist each week.

This initial edition features some of the best music from the past 40 days, spanning everything from ODESZA’s beautiful single “Line of Sight” to Megalodon’s brand new remix of Griz’s “Wicked” to tracks from indie-dance legends Phoenix and Arcade Fire to under-the-radar songs from ALMA, Maddy O’Neal, and Zach Villere. Check out the Spotify playlist below, and be sure to give it a follow in order to stay up to date on all the best new music.

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