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Freshly Chilled Beats ft. Common Creation, Kaelin Ellis, & More

Some days, you just need some chill beats – Freshly Chilled Beats, that is. While we don’t have a dedicated Freshly Chilled Beats playlist like we do for our Freshly Picked Beats, I do occasionally put a list together of some of my favorite more chill tracks, with every genre from indie to R&B.

This week’s cuts include Germany-based house/ambient producer AK, groovy and psychedelic bass-lines from Common Creation, Camp 8′s embrace for lost souls in “Honey,” a R&B groove from Tropic, plus more.

AK – Back Again

Common Creation – Lunar Lounge

Camp 8 – Honey

Harry Nathan – I’m in Need

Hotel Decor – Could It Take Me Any Longer

Kaelin Ellis – Noise

Skarma – Touch

Tropic – Be the One

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