Frank Ocean OUT of Hangout Fest, Phoenix Added to Lineup
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Frank Ocean OUT of Hangout Fest, Phoenix Added to Lineup

The buzz has been going on for days, and unfortunately, the rumors are true.

Today, organizers for Hangout Beach, Music and Arts Festival confirmed that Frank Ocean will be unable to perform at the festival, citing “production delays beyond his control”.

The confirmation came indirectly, after organizers announced an updated lineup via social media. Most notably, Frank Ocean was no longer on the lineup, and French synth pop band Phoenix was added to the top billing.


News of the cancellation came via a comment on the updated lineup. / Hangout Fest

This news follows Frank Ocean‘s cancellation for Sasquatch Festival for similar reasons. As of now, the elusive R&B artist has not made any direct statements regarding the cancellations.

The most up-to-date lineup for Hangout is below.

Most up-to-date lineup as of March 10, 2017. / Hangout Beach, Music and Arts Festival

Featured image courtesy of DIY Mag.

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