Frank Ocean Drops Surprise New Track Overnight
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Frank Ocean Drops Surprise New Track Overnight

To almost nobody’s surprise, Frank Ocean just did something completely unexpected.

Friday night, while everyone was asleep (hopefully not) or partying, the elusive yet incredible singer released a new track. Titled “Biking”, the new track features Tyler the Creator and Jay-Z.

An odd grouping? Yes; you’re absolutely right. This is the first-ever track that features this combination of featured artists.

The track begins with a muffled, piano-driven, low-fi verse from Jay-Z that fools the listener into thinking it must be a low-quality release. However, once his verse ends and switches over to Frank Ocean, the sound quality immediately picks up.

Tyler the Creator’s verse provides an interlude between Frank Ocean’s verses, a stark contrast to Frank’s unmistakable croon. Throughout the track, there are biking metaphors that make references to their respective career trajectories. The references to cash and materialism present a jarring juxtaposition against the simplicity and innocent act of biking.

The final few moments has Frank repeating “Got, got me fucked up / Got 50 thousand racks” emphatically, emphasizing the theme of the materialism that comes with fame.

Without further ado, listen to “Biking” below. We’ve provided several links to this elusive track in case one of them gets taken down.

What are your thoughts on this new release?

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