Foxtail's 'Kitsune' EP Shares Debut with NYC's Newest Record Label
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Foxtail’s ‘Kitsune’ EP Shares Debut with NYC’s Newest Record Label

On July 9th, Salt Lake City’s Foxtail released his Kitsune EP, demonstrating his masterful ability for electronic music composition.

Cerebral yet light-hearted, Kitsune effortlessly blends technically-sound production, classical theory, and glitch-hop influences to create this cinematic 6-track EP.

Foxtail just continues to grow more and more each year.

Although still relatively “new” to the scene, many listeners may recognize Foxtail from his recent opening slot for Tipper and Friends, The Nocturnal Edition at Suwanee.

On Sunday, July 9th, Foxtail made his East Coast debut performance at The Rust Music label’s launch party. The same label that released Kitsune. This newly founded label out of NYC–that doubles as a blog–is one of the most exciting ventures of the year.

For those who are unfamiliar with The Rust Music brand, I recommend taking a few moments to get acquainted. Originally starting as a music blog, The Rust Music is one of the most exciting music ventures coming out in 2017.

Keep your eye on Foxtail, and on The Rust Music. With the way things are looking, neither will disappoint you.



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