Love is More Than A 'Four Letter Word' to KIIRA [Listen]

Dive into the pool that is KIIRA’s voice in her latest release “Four Letter Word.” The Swiss-American songwriter and vocalist continues to mesh the worlds of future-bass and alternative-pop music. Her love for the arts has always been prevalent, but became more refined to music as time went on. In a difficult time for artists today, she reminds herself to not be afraid to work outside of her comfort zone. After all, this is where great art comes to life.

“Four Letter Word” begins with a heavy focus on KIIRA’s pure vocal power with minimal beats and background music. The song progresses to include a chill back-beat, with KIIRA’s voice being the main attraction; her sly lyricism peeping through in the song.

Give “Four Letter Word” a listen below:

Featured image via artist Facebook page.

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