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Former Hero Releases Sublime New Single ‘In Lieu’ [Listen]

Best-kept secret Former Hero is back with his newest single “In Lieu” on bitbird.

Just last month, Former Hero made his long-awaited bitbird original debut with his epic single “Friends Now“. Today, he’s back with an emotive new release on the label, “In Lieu”.

The track features Former Hero’s sweet vocals and touches on the omnipresent loneliness of small-town life in the UK. That feeling being only amplified by the current state of affairs. Emo-inspired guitars and riffs tie in perfectly with the exultant electro-inspired drop, and the second half of the song serves a lush and dramatic extended post-rock outro.

The UK-based producer’s post-rock soundscapes and inventive melodies create a captivating blend of ambient and energetic outbursts. From the first time I dove into Former Hero, I’d been eager to hear a journey of a tune like “Changing Tense” live. Bitbird frontman San Holo must have had the same idea — over the past few years, San has sprinkled Former Hero’s tunes into his festival sets like EDC and Lollapalooza — with the production to match the energy of Former Hero’s unforgettable drops (see below at 10:20, 11:19, and 1:01:07):

Thankfully, San & co. brought Former Hero into the bitbird family in 2020 with an outstanding official remix of “Surface” ft. Caspian and an exclusive bitbird radio mix chock full of epic tunes and ID scattered throughout.

Check out “In Lieu” from Former Hero below!

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