One of Dance Music's Youngest Talents Just Dropped the Curtain On His Debut EP [Listen]
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One of Dance Music’s Youngest Talents Just Dropped the Curtain On His Debut EP [Listen]

If there is one thing I enjoy the most while blogging, it’s writing about artists who are on the verge of becoming dance music’s next big thing. 

And today, I’m excited to finally write about exactly that person: Ye. Ye., which is pronounced ‘Yea,’ is an artist I personally haven’t been able to stop listening to in months. He has seen support from multiple big name producers, including OSWLA’s own EKALI. 

If you are unfamiliar with Ye.’s past work, the producer garnered plenty of attention on Soundcloud with his amazing originals and flips/edits of some of pop music’s biggest songs. This includes his take on Demi Lovato’s “Cool For The Summer” and Halsey’s “New Americana”.

His style of production is unique and stands out in a field of overcrowded producers. The ability to flip popular songs, mixed with his ability to create cinematic melodies makes Ye. a talent to watch in the next few years. This is very evident in several of his original works, including my personal favorite “Self Destructive” with vocalist Mothica.

Today, Ye. released the first single off his forthcoming debut EP Trails, scheduled for release on 6/20. The track, titled “Forever Side”, takes listeners on a journey through sound featuring sweeping melodies and exciting highs. Give it a listen below, and continue to watch and listen for Ye. in 2018

Listen to ‘Forever Side’


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