Foreign Suspects Drops Heavy Remix of Trampa's 'Rocket Fuel'
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Foreign Suspects Drops Heavy Remix of Trampa’s ‘Rocket Fuel’

Friday is always a great day to release new music, and today proves to be no different. 

Featuring them for the first time on River Beats is the bass heavy duo of Foreign Suspects. Hailing from the glorious sunshine state by way of their homeland in the Philippines, this duo has made some noise recently with several huge remixes. 

And back today to reign your weekend in the right way is our Florida boys with a heavy heavyyyyy remix of Trampa’s ‘Rocket Fuel.’ 

Why do we like it?

It takes about a full minute for this one to build up and drop, leaving us with some serious anticipation on what the new direction will be. The Foreign Suspect boys have taken the tune out of the Riddim world and added a new bass trap feel to it. Bringing the already heavy track into a new spectrum of sounds. This one is surely to be stuck in some heads for a few weeks. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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