Foreign Family Collective Duo Unveil Debut EP [Listen]

Foreign Family Collective Duo Unveil Debut EP [Listen]

Since making their debut in 2016, electronic duo are ready to unveil their debut EP, Blush, to the world., comprised of Katie Moore and Cait Cole, are a Nashville-hailing electronic two-piece known for their progressive pop style. The two made their music debut in 2016 with the single “Ready” and ever since, have worked tirelessly to perfect the EP that they released earlier this week.

Blush features 5 tracks that showcase’s diverse sound and talents. Together, the two create something that fans of both electronic music and pop can enjoy. Kicking off the EP is “maybe,” a song which they explained they wrote for themselves, “that have someone in their life that are the same type of psycho as them. They’ll drive you crazy, and you let them take the wheel.

The EP continues with the high-energy “is that what you want?” followed by the soft, crooning “all u” and “SNDR.demo.”

Give the EP a listen in its entirety below:

“blush’ is our time capsule. We made each of these tracks at such a specific time of our lives. There is no doubt that in 30 years, we’re going to listen to this EP and be transported to Tennessee roads and cicada songs. We’re going to remember the laughter, and the tears, the stress and the hugs. We’re going to remember 12-hour jam sessions and staying up until the sun rose, sleeping until 3pm, then doing it again. […]” 

Featured image via artist. 

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