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Flume Hops on Pedestrian TV for Hilarious 'Yeah or Nah' Interview [Watch]

Flume is the f*cking best. The goat returned to music this year with full force, dropping an EP a couple singles, playing Burning Man, and eating a**. It’s hard not to love him, and hard not to talk about him. His latest feature is on Pedestrian TV, an Australian-based pop-culture outlet known for their cool video interviews, including a series called “Yeah or Nah.”

Flume was the latest to join Pedestrian on Yeah or Nah and just as you’d expect, it’s hilarious. The two are seen in a car that is familiar for those that follow him on social media. An old-school, refurbished car with “HELIX” as the front license plate.

Give the interview a watch below.

What we learned: Flume plays with magic cards, likes greek and caesar salad, but tossing salad… meh. He also further explains why he decided to incorporate angle grinding in his show: “I’m kind of bored of just standing there and playing bits and pieces and mixing things. I’m like, I wanna do some fun activities. I’m just sick of seeing the same thing all the time with electronic music. Like, cool, a guy… in the middle… with big shit around him. I’m also just like how much does everyone give a f*ck?”


Featured image via artist. 

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