Flume Finally Concludes Grammy Award-Winning "Skin"
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Flume Finally Concludes Grammy Award-Winning “Skin”

It has been almost a year since Flume’s album “Skin” has been released and he has finally announced he will be cutting the ties for any additional releases/companions to be added for the album.

To officially finalize the success of the album, Flume has decided to release one last bonus song for fans.

The track titled “Hyperreal” features Kucka and contains the Flume sound that fans know and love. “Hyperreal” was added as a last minute addition to “The Skin Companion EP II”, which is out on vinyl today.

The massive success of Flume and “Skin” led him to produce two separate companion albums: “Skin Companion EP I” and “Skin Companion EP II”.

Each respective companion album contains their own sound and style, while contributing to the Flume sound as a whole.

This summer, Flume will be busy with festival stops around the United States, a Red Rocks show (including openers Bauuer and Touch Sensitive), and a handful of stops scattered across Europe. To see if he is playing somewhere near here, click here.

Check out the video and Flume’s announcement below!


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