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Flosstradamus Announces Breakup After 2016 Tour

One of Trap’s most infamous groups, Flosstradamus, consisting of Josh Young (Yehme2) and Curt Cameruci , have officially decided to part ways. According to a short video posted on Josh’s Instagram handle (@yehme2), he explains that the breakup was due to wanting to further his solo project after “a lot of soul searching”. These two have spent the entire year touring together, performing at festivals and large venues across the United States. The group ended their 2016 tour in Houston this past friday. The breakup is quite unexpected and fans are shocked by the news! There is no doubt that Flosstradamus has helped Josh grow to the musical level that he is at today. His wanting to expand outside of HDY nation is definitely an attainable goal. Watch the video with Josh explaining below.


A video posted by Digital Dad (@yehme2) on Dec 20, 2016 at 1:22pm PST


To get a little taste of the solo project that Josh is working on, give his Diplo and Friends mix a listen here.


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