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Florida Man Running For Congress Calls Out EDM in Bizarre & Nonsensical Boomer Rant

This is a story I did not expect to write today. We’ve all seen the “Florida Man” posts around the internet, but rarely ever do those stories cross into the dance music world.

But leave it to someone actually running for congress to write something so idiotic and wrong about dance music.

The bizarre and senile Twitter rant comes from KW Miller, a Florida resident who has no chance at winning a general election, but loves tweeting conspiracy theories every 1-2 hours.

His EDM conspiracy stems from a connection to the opioid epidemic in our country and the rise of EDM.

KW Miller ignores the fact that the being the opioid epidemic began in the late 1990s, way before modern “EDM” took root, and WAY before millennials reached the age of 18. In reality “EDM” has been around since the end of the disco era in the 1970s.

Using Avicii’s name in this tweet is just pretty despicable. To say he was murdered for covering up a conspiracy about opioids is about as far right as they come.

Florida man tweets stuff like this to hopefully receive some sort of Twitter high that he thinks will propel him to congress. In reality, he is an idiot who tweets conspiracy theories about Obama, Beyonce, and other celebrities daily. Also, he has raised a measly $800 for his campaign. WINNING.

EDM Twitter sure let him have it after this one. With Subtronics and other artists jumping in to call him out.

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