Flintwick Releases Bouncy 4-Track Ep 'Squandered' [Listen]
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Flintwick Releases Bouncy 4-Track Ep ‘Squandered’ [Listen]

Guest Contributor: Kris Paul

Well, he’s back! After a long, misfortunate year for us all, Flintwick is pushing out a new EP that we are all more than ecstatic about. Using the quarantine time to fuel the fire for this new creation, Flintwick has put together “Squandered.” A 4 track EP that is sure to have you kicking off your shoes and dancing in the dirt. He embarks on a newer take on his music by taking bouncy rhythms, squishy melodies, and toppling drops. 

This 3rd extended play record from our man Flintwick hits the heart with a nod to Reggae Culture. His intentions behind “Squandered” seem to try and capture the feeling of empathy and send you down a path of emancipation for this rough time we are emerging from. The first 3 tunes start the project off with some heavier psy-dub groovers that are truly captivating to the ear and will have you moving in an instant. The final track brings you back to earth with a trippy, liquid vibe that is perfect for chilling in your hammock. A cool feature about this project is that Encanti from Zebbler Encanti Experience aided in mastering these tracks. So you know you’re in for something special.


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Coming out of Fayetteville, AR, Brady wanted to embrace the musical inspiration and peers that surround him. Using interests in the Bluegrass and Jam Band genres, Cagle captures his talents on various acoustic and electric instruments such as mandolin, organ, bass, and guitar, in some of these tracks. He also utilized a few of his friends in the south to curate some live instrumental samples that are displayed on the EP. Being one of the only producers in his “funky slip-glitch” genre coming out of his area, Flintwick is surely bursting out of the cage strong with this thick hitter.


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Be on the lookout for some of Brady’s other projects like Deep Sequence (a Prog-Funk band), and Acid Katz (a trippy collaboration with the mastermind LuSiD). Flintwick says he can’t wait to get back on the road to start touring again. We’re in luck because he’s already booked a few festivals this year that I’m sure you’ve heard of. Find him at Astronox in TX, Backwoods in AR, and Rekinection with Clozee in MO. Be sure to find his set times so you can get a taste of what he’s put together from this phenomenal EP. 

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