Tropical Storm Cindy's Facebook Page Wins the Internet this Week
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Tropical Storm Cindy’s Facebook Page Wins the Internet this Week

If you reside in Louisiana, the longest day of the year aka Summer Solstice is probably spent either at home or work trying to dodge the impending storm, Tropical Cindy. Luckily, while you’re stuck indoors on this gloomy day at least you have the Tropical Cindy Facebook Page to keep you laughing while you ride out the storm.

This Facebook page popped up yesterday afternoon around the time Tropical Storm Cindy got a name and has already reached 35K followers. One thing is for certain, Tropical Storm Cindy ain’t playin’ y’all!

Read some of the hilarious highlights below:


Check out Tropical Storm Cindy Facebook Page here, and watch the social media storm unfold. 

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