Discovering New Tunes: Exploring Lesser-Known Artists on Streaming Platforms

Discovering New Tunes: Exploring Lesser-Known Artists on Streaming Platforms

You’ve embarked on a mission to explore fresh tunes from obscure artists on streaming platforms. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the plethora of options and crave some inspiration. Alternatively, you cherish your current music collection so much that you worry any new additions will disappoint.

If you belong to the first group, you might consider skipping the next section and diving right into the specifics of discovering new music, beginning with streaming services such as Spotify. But let’s be real here because if your existing playlist captivates you, a successful foray into the realm of unknown music most likely begins with challenging your mindset.

Break free from the shackles of thinking

Are you truly open to exploring new music in your playlist? Deezer conducted a survey of 5,000 individuals from France, the UK, Germany, the USA, and Brazil. The results revealed that 65% of respondents solely listen to familiar music. On a brighter note, 60% expressed a desire to discover fresh tracks. However, their pursuit often succumbed to indifference or the feeling of being overwhelmed by the vast array of options available – the two main obstacles reported by survey participants. Deezer refers to this phenomenon as “musical paralysis”. What are the symptoms? We tend to gravitate towards our favorite tunes, hesitating to take a leap of faith and explore something new, fearing that the potential risks outweigh the rewards.

Where discover new music?

#1 Online Community Radio

With online community radio, you can explore an array of music genres from around the globe. For instance, NTS in London, Refuge Worldwide in Berlin, and Radio 80000 in Munich each offer their unique lineups. NTS hosts shows featuring electronic, hip-hop, jazz, and classical music, along with guest DJs and artists from worldwide. Refuge Worldwide caters to Afrobeat, soul, and reggae enthusiasts, while Radio 80000 showcases live sets and mixes by talented local artists and DJs.

#2 Apple Music

Apple Music offers a unique combination of curated playlists and recommendations. Of course, among the recommended ones it can be difficult to find something completely new, but you can use them too. To rethink your audio library, you need to go a little further. Also dive into “Essentials,” “Next Steps,” and “Deep Cuts” features. For a special treat, try out “Exclusive Content”. There are both well-known and little-known songs from independent artists. This is a great chance to create your own collection of music.

Important! You won’t be able to see most of the Apple Music audio library because it’s blocked in your region. The only way to go beyond these limits is to change the region. You need VeePN to open songs that are not available to you by default. In the same way as changing the region of Steam, Hulu, and Netflix, you can change it in Apple Music. The main thing is that your VPN is good enough, otherwise, there may be a problem. VeePN is perfect for this.

#3 Spotify

Spotify is one of the leaders in music streaming and has everything to make your playlist fatter and richer. It not only provides personalized playlists and radio stations but also boasts an extensive library of songs. With a wide range of handpicked playlists and exclusive content from top artists, Spotify ensures a unique and diverse music experience. A particular highlight is Spotify’s accurate music recommendation algorithms, which have earned high praise. Additionally, the much-loved Discover Weekly playlist introduces fans to exciting new music regularly.


Break your musical paralysis and try to find obscure artists and new masterpieces. You will succeed, especially now you have the right parting words.

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