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Reactions from Excision's 'Thunderdome' Event Night 1: 3+ Hour Waits & Understaffed Venue

Last night in Tacoma, Washington was day 1 of Excision’s Thunderdome event. With support from artists including Champagne Drip, Blunts & Blondes, Trampa, and more, unfortunately, many fans who purchased tickets were unable to see some of the artists that they came for. According to social media, there was an alleged error on either Ticketmaster or the venue’s side of things, resulting in extremely long wait lines at will call.

According to Excision, the venue added extra staff to accommodate the long wait times, but fans were still left outside, with some saying they stood outside for over 3 hours.

To attempt to remedy the situation, he did extend set times towards the end of the night. Instead of playing until 1am, Excision was able to get the venue to agree to an extra hour set that ended at 2am. However, even after this was announced, guests replied back to the same tweet thread with videos of hundreds of people standing in line (STILL) while it started to rain.

Hopefully night 2 of the Thunderdome sees some improvements!


Featured image via artist Facebook page.

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