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The Evolution of Cashmere Cat

The mysterious, shy Norwegian producer has a very distinct sound that is evident in every song and live performance.

Cashmere Cat is so diverse that he was/is featured on a handful of festival lineups, opened for Ariana Grande‘s Honeymoon Tour, and frequented numerous cities on his own tour. In an interview with The Fader, he explains that his sound has grown immensely since 2011, when he first began releasing tracks as Cashmere Cat; which included remixes from Miguel and Lana Del Rey.

Eventually, he “grew out of a desire to create club music with softer edges;” and he “wanted to do stuff that wasn’t just for a bunch of smelly bros in the first row pumping their fists.” And that is exactly what he accomplished. He successfully combines soft and melodic tones and is easy to intertwine with other genres of music. And, he has teamed up with the likes of Jeremih, Ariana Grande (“Adore” featured below), Kanye West, and Ludacris.

Cashmere Cat plays his own music, but also incorporates the crowds’ vibes during his sets. For those attending Basscenter, Cashmere is the very first opener for the “King of Sound” to kick off three nights of mayhem.

For those that have been anxiously awaiting new music, you’re in luck! Collabs with multiple artists have been hinted at via Twitter; artists including Halsey, and his latest release featuring MO and SOPHIE. The experimental feel-good track titled 9 (After Coachella) was debuted via Youtube with a doggie-inspired lyric music video.

On top of the track release, Cashmere took to Twitter yesterday to announce that he has officially finished his debut album, and has even switched up the album name. What was going to be titled “Wild Love” is now being released as “9.” Many are expecting (/hoping) the album will be released after Coachella, but who really knows… Cashmere will continue to surprise when fans least expect it.

Cashmere Cat is currently on tour in the US, and has even been caught playing some brand new songs. For those even on the fence about going, just do it. Cashmere Cat will not disappoint. 

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Photo: Kelsey James / Sundara Studios

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