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This Popular Music Festival is Legally Allowing Attendees to Bring in Weed

Unlike it’s neighbor to the south, Canada legalized Marijuana last year and it looks like their festivals are reaping the benefits.

Ever After Music Festival recently announced that fans could bring up to ten grams of weed into the festival legally, and keep up to one ounce on them at the campgrounds at all times. 

This marks one of the first times a music festival is openly allowing cannabis on its grounds. While the policy is reasonable and sensible, Ever After says they’re treating it like cigarettes. It’s only allowed in designated smoking areas where food and drink are not allowed. 

If everything goes well, Ever After could be a guinea pig for larger festivals down the road. You can check out the flyer Ever After released announcing this policy below!

H/T: CTV News Kitchener

Featured Image: Ever After Music Festival/Facebook



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