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Don't Miss Eric Prydz's Only United States HOLO Show This December

Eric Prydz is debuting his HOLO show in New York City this December! This show is the first and ONLY US HOLO show for 2019, taking place on December 27th and 28th at the New York Expo Center. Eric Prydz has been on everyone’s minds all year long as he continues to set the bar for show production. If you have the opportunity, don’t miss out on this!

What is HOLO?

HOLO came to life last year “as a series of three concerts in the UK” before selling out in London earlier this summer. The combination of audio, video, and insane light and laser set-up makes HOLO one of the most advanced show production set-ups ever. This production itself is the evolution of Prydz’s original EPIC concert series, which revolved around holograms.

SIGN-UP for show pre-sale HERE.

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