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Equanimous Comes Full Circle in Debut Album ‘Merging Elements’

Out now via Gravitas Records, Equanimous shares his debut album titled Merging Elements, complete with nine unique tracks and over 10 artist collaborations. Equanimous gave us a small sneak peek with the previously released single “Air Bender,” and he now comes full circle with the album in its entirety. Tapping into a melodiously meditative blend of instrumentals and vocals, the multi-instrumentalist and producer takes you on an adventure through organic and lush soundscapes.

Give the album a listen below:

Kicking off the album is the calming vocals featuring Skysia in “Arise,” followed by the high-energy beat-boxing from Auralphonic in “Bumpin Bass Beatbox.” Be prepared to get taken on a journey from beginning to end while listening to Merging Elements! Adding to his collaborative efforts is the previously released collab with “Air Bender,” plus an ethereal bop featuring Oliwa and Ruby Chase. Concluding the journey is the album-titled 7-minute long collaboration, “Merging Elements.”

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